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Welcome to Home Drawn San Diego! A new service for real estate agents and brokers to provide floor plans of their listings. We can complement your online descriptions, photographs and video tours with accurate, field-measured floor plans and add them to your printed media offerings. 

Now is the time to increase your competitive advantage, update your marketing tool set and give your owner clients the best chance to get that property SOLD!

We know that as a broker or agent, you have your own challenges these days. Are any these familiar:

  • Is your seller client thinking you're not doing enough to market their property?
  • Are you spending more time and gas making return visits to one of your listings for potential buyers that want to see details they've forgotten?
  • Does your agency manage rentals or vacation properties and spend much of your time describing room layouts, bed arrangements, etc.?

     Not convinced? Read some common buyer scenarios and frustrations


1.  Contact Home Drawn San Diego - we can meet or discuss properties by phone.

2.  We'll exchange signed agreement and work order(s), and set appointment for site visit.

3.  Site visit occurs to measure, sketch - between 1/2 hr to 3 hrs depending on size and complexity of property.

4.  Floor plan is drawn, formatted and sent to the agent for uploading - turnaround time is approximately 2-4 days. Special arrangements can be made for rush requirements.

5.  Changes, corrections, etc. can be made; otherwise, an email invoice will be sent upon delivery of final floor plan(s). 



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